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This page gives you a peak into my world of open source development and contributions.

  • Turntable.FM Squared
    A Chrome extention I built that adds a number of improvements to Turntable.FM rooms. This includes an improved chat UI, song stats, auto-upvote, auto-dj, anti-idle, auto-respond, additional track information, similar tracks, and more. I monetize via the Apple iTunes affiliate program. Check out the extension here.
  • Watchdog
    Watchdog is a PHP class implementing inotify which watches for changes to files in any given number of directories specified in the input. It will not recursively check directories, so you must implicitely specify each directory you want watched. Although it was developed for the purpose of monitoring dynamic css files for changes and auto-regenerating their output, it can easily be transformed into a watchdog for just about anything. Watchdog currently supports compilation of Stylus, SASS, LESS, Jade, and HAML.
  • SPF30
    SPF30 is a PHP library which utilizes a number of recommended spambot deterrents in an attempt to reduce form submission spam. It does not utilize any form of captcha. In addition to spam prevention methods, SPF30 also handles two-way encryption of form data to prevent your form content from being easily sniffed across the wire over HTTP
  • jQuery Form Element Repeater Plugin
    A jQuery plugin for creating repeatable form elements, i.e. an array of input elements with add/remove capabilities. It's specific purpose is for when you need to manage a list or set of similar items. Say, for instance, allowing a user to enter up to 5 websites or upload 3 photos.
  • jQuery Double Rainbow Plugin
    Double Rainbow is a jQuery plugin for creating subtle, mouse-aware call to action effects on elements within your websites. It adds mouse tracking to your page and dynamically changes the background color of an element from startHex to endHex values as the user gets closer to the target element. You can specify a number of steps for this color transformation, which generates equi-distant hex color ranges as the user gets closer. I plan to extend the functionality to background gradients and potentially user-supplied callbacks.
  • Salid: The Simple jQuery Form Validator
    I developed Salid years ago as I was disgusted with the amount of bloat in existing frontend form validation solutions. Salid is minimal yet feature packed, including 14 built-in validators. Salid supports validation on both form submission as well as via dynamic (change, blur, focus, keydown, keyup) form element changes. Users can also create their own custom validators.
  • MongoSession
    MongoSession is a PHP session handler class that was built as a drop-in for easily switching to handling sessions using MongoDB. It's a great replacement to memcache(d) for VPS servers where you risk memory being reshuffled in the pool and taking performance hits.
  • PHP SPL Iterator & Interface Examples
    I open sourced a series of demos that I used for a presentation on SPL iterators and interfaces. It is intended to demonstrate usage and possible use cases for the SPL, as the SPL itself is highly undocumented in the PHP website documentation.
  • caterpillar
    Caterpillar is a website crawler and screen scraper built on top of the RollingCurl library for making cURL requests in parallel to speed up website crawling. The library will crawl internal content of a website and create a MySQL index of all of the site's pages and inbound links from other pages. This can ideally be used to generate a dynamic Google Sitemap file that gets updated via a cronjob however often you would like.
  • Me Likey Wordpress Plugin
    Me Likey is a plugin for integration of the Facebook open graph meta tags and like button into your Wordpress blog. It's highly configurable and I launched it within the first week of Facebook's Like button becoming available.
  • PHPull Wordpress Plugin
    I developed PHPull for the purpose of directly linking to and referencing PHP documentation on my blog. It essentially takes a Wordpress shortcode and parses it to determine the PHP documentation page to screen scrape. It fires off an AJAX request to a PHP proxy on the server side to request and scrape the appropriate data. The server then passes back the formatted HTML which is displayed in a tooltip above the linked PHP keyword as the user hovers over it.
  • Zend Clean Url Generator
    I developed a foolproof drop-in for Zend Framework which is capable of generating unique clean urls (pretty urls) given a database table name, table column, input string, and max clean url length. It begins auto-incrementing the cleaned string (dashed) as it encounters database collisions until it finds a unique uristub and returns it.
  • Tickspot PHP Client Library
    I developed a client library for the TickSpot time tracking API which supports a number of the popular API retrieval methods in addition to some brute-force cURL session based methods requiring HTTP authentication.
  • Kohana 3 CSRF
    A CSRF Protection Module I developed for Kohana 3. Tokens are generated server side and include a combination of a unique id, a pre-defined secret key found in the config, and the client's user agent. This information is stored in the session. The module also includes an extension of Kohana_Form to properly create forms that include the CSRF token as a hidden input field. Lastly, I've included jQuery handling and documentation on how to properly utilize the module with AJAX requests.
  • Recurly v1 Client Library for Zend Framework
    A port of Recurly's own recurly-client-php to Zend Framework.