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My name is Corey Ballou and I'm a 36 year old web developer turned CEO living in Charlotte, NC. I have been developing since I was in my pre-teens. These were the days when CSS didn't exist, layouts were synonymous with nested tables, and frames were cool.

I'm the CEO of POP.co, where you can build an online web presence from scratch in a minute. You'll get a custom domain name, email address, and landing page.

I'm a huge fan of startups and domains. I was previously the lead developer of POP.co and before that I was the lead developer of GO.CO up until we were acquired by Neustar. Prior to this, I set out on my own as a freelance web developer and founded my own custom web applications development consultancy, Craft Blue, which is still in operation today. And then there was mojoLive, which was a short lived stint with a very cool startup that unfortunately ran out of funding.

My initial foray into post-collegiate work was a combined five years with two very talented, very creative web design and development agencies: MODE and Skookum.

Some other factoids for your amusement:

  • I grew up in Vermont.
  • My first computer was a Compaq Presario.
  • My first home internet connection was via a 14.4K dialup modem.
  • I was kicked off of AOL for issues related to phishing and warez.
  • My first dabble with programming was with Visual Basic and Perl.
  • I ran my first domain name, a snowboard site, in the 6th grade.
  • My first snowboard was a neon Burton Air directional.
  • I love a good microbrew and am a semi-avid homebrewer.
  • I raise a flock of free-range chickens.

my work

My web development skills span a variety of buzz-words. I am highly skilled in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, Laravel, Zend Framework, Kohana, Apache, nginx, and Linux. You could call me a LAMP/LEMP stack kinda guy. I don't play favorites and am equally proficient with all of the above technologies. I am a full stack developer. I build the visual frontend, interactions, and backend bridging the gap between frontend and backend developer, a jack of all trades. I also play network administrator (devOps) on my own, managing nearly a dozen sites on my own VPS instances.

I try to develop utilizing industry best practices and am always striving to improve my code quality. Two topics I take very seriously are website security and optimization. I'm heavily intrigued by the current NoSQL movement and have been reading up on the various MySQL alternatives. To learn more about my work or qualifications, please view my CV.

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